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Olympic drums in the 1930's

The very first mention of the Olympic name happened when the Premier catalogue "M" was issued in January 1937 which showed several kits at different price levels for those who could not afford a top line Premier kit.

The 1939 catalogue "O" shows the same kits but with increased prices which were to increase again as the war began and materials became scarce. There was still only one Olympic snare drum available. Thanks to Ken Ellender for his invaluable help with this. 

1937 olympic snare drum1937, 6 lug snare

1930s olympic snare1930's snare, which is very similar to the drum pictured above

1930s olympic snare 26 lug, tube style, 13.5 x 5 with calf skin heads. 

Top rim stamped - Premier and bottom rim stamped - Olympic - British Made.

1937 start rite The first steps to drumming stardom. 1937

olympic 10 kitNext in the 1937 line up for those with more cash

olympic 15 kitThe 15 kit with more toys to play with. 1937

1937 gigter console kitTop of the range Gigster kit complete with your own console. 1937

1939 consolette kit1939 Consolette kit with a tom tom

1939 consolette kit list1939 Consolette kit list

1930s separate tension bass drumSeparate tension bass drum and the price list from 1939

1937 bass drum prices1937 bass drum prices

single tension bass drumSingle tension Bass Drum

bass drum adbass drum advert

1939 olympic kit 121939 Model 12 Olympic outfit

olympic 12 1939 list1939 Model 12 list

1930s olympic logo1930's style logo. No logos were put on bass drums at this time.

olympic outfit 101939 Model 10 Olympic outfit

olympic 12 kit1939 Model 12 Olympic outfit

olympic outfit 151939 Model 15 Olympic outfit