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Olympic drums in the 1940's

There was very little production of drums in the 1940's due to the second world war, during which time Premier made gun sights and other items for the military. The first catalogue to appear was during 1947. Most of the production was used for export to generate revenue for the country but there were some instruments available for the home market.

The items below are believed to be from the late 40's but possibly could run into the 50's but this has been difficult to determine. Thanks go to Ken Ellender for his invaluable help with this page.

olympic twenty 1940sOlympic Twenty outfit

olympic twenty textOlympic Twenty outfit - text

olympic thirty 40skitOlympic Thirty outfit

olympic forty textOlympic Thirty outfit - text

olympic forty kit 1940sOlympic Forty outfit

olympic Forty outfit text

Olypic Forty outfit - text

olympic 83 snare83 & 84 snare

83 and 84 snare text 83 & 84 snare - text

1940s olympic bass drumNew style bass drums
1940s bass drum text New style bass drums - text

1940s olympic tomChoice of four tom toms

choice of four toms - textChoice of four tom toms - text
940s olympic snare stand1940's snare stand No. 1303
lanky 1940s bass drum spursLanky Bass spurs No.1295
hoop mounted tom holder 1386Tom tom holder 1386

1940 hi-hat and cymbalshi-hat and cymbals

1947 price list1947 price list
1940s olympic guaranteeLate 1940's Olympic price list

after olyMany thanks to Bruce Eric Lerner from Alabama USA for this pic of a brass Olympic snare from 1947. Dave Seville of the Old Drummers Club has confirmed this date.

The drum has a spun brass shell, six Art-Deco style lugs, calf heads and thin rims. Possibly the snare strainer is not original. After restoring the drum Bruce sold it to a fellow drum collector.