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Olympic drums in the 1950's

By 1951 two colour choices were available, either Black or White lacquer. Photographs that were used in this catalogue were the same as the ones used in 1947. There was the addition of the "Bopman's Kit" which was the Ten outfit and included a floor tom mounted on what looks like a low snare stand but floor tom legs are listed in the price list.

A new 8 lug snare drum appeared and could be had in 5" or 6 1/2" depths but still had old Art Deco style lugs. Tom toms were still fitted with Premier 30's style lugs and straight rims. 10"x8" and 16"x20" toms wereintroduced with the floor tom being double headed.

1951 Ten outfit new snare1951 Ten outfit with new snare
Ten outfit text1951 Ten outfit - text
1951 kit TwentyThe stylish twenty outfit
1952 kit Twenty textThe stylish twenty outfit - text
1951 olympic thirty kitProud to have a Thirty outfit
1931 thirty kit textThirty outfit - text
kit Forty 1951Forty outfit - top of the range
kit forty textForty outfit - top of the range - text
1951 1151 snare1150 and 1151 double-flanged snare
1151 snare text1150 and 1151 double-flanged snare - text
83 84 snare83 84 - cheap but good snare drum
83 84 snare text83 84 snare drum - text
1951 olympic covers1951 Olympic covers
olympic chromeOlympic chrome
1951 price list1951 Olympic price list


This catalogue shows that the kits are now numbered 60, 61, 62 and 63. Also a brilliant new finish, appears to be our old friend White lacquer and Black has been dropped again. A new style of lug was introduced and the first showing of the "82" snare drum.

The older style 1150 and 1151 snare drums are listed but not pictured with any of the kits. It states that these drums have a wood shell but in the last catalogue they had a spun metal shell. The 1151 is now 5 1/2 inches deep as opposed to 5 inches deep before. The 10x8 tom is now 10x7 and the 16x20 floor tom has been discontinued.

1953 kit sixtyOlympic kit 60

1953 kit sixty oneOlympic kit 61
1953 kit sixty twoOlympic kit 62
1953 kit 63Olympic kit 63
1953 82 snareThe new 82 snare drum
1953 1151 snareThe 1151 soldiers on!
1953 bass drum1953 bass drum
1953 bass drum list1953 bass drum - text
1953 price list1953 price list


1958 catalogue coverThe 1958 catalogue shows the same kit photographs as those used five years before and the set numbers remained the same. Several things had changed however, there was a choice of three new finishes. White Duroplastic, Marine Pearl and Sparkling Silver.

The 28 inch Bass Drum along with the 10 inch tom were now deleted. The 14x8 single headed tom was now added to the line up and the 12x8 and 16x16 toms could be ordered double headed. The shallow Discus snare was introduced and it seems the 1150 and 1151snare drums are now with a wood shell and the new style lugs.

This catalogue also shows a large selection of Military, Accessories and Percussion equipment. The Discus snare drum was too narrow to have the badge fitted to the shell so an identical rubber stamp was used on the inside of the drum. A cardboard oval badge was fitted to later Discus models (see badge page) and by the next badge change the shell was slightly larger and badge smaller so all was well!
1958 kit 60 text1958 Kit 60 text (pics as 1953 catalogue)
1958 kit text1958 Kit 61 text (pics as 1953 catalogue)
1958 kit text1958 Kit 62 text (pics as 1953 catalogue)
1958 kit text1958 Kit 63 text (pics as 1953 catalogue)
1958 bass drum list1958 bass drum text
1958 1284 pedal1958 1284 bass drum pedal
bass pedal text1284 bass drum pedal - text
1958 tom toms1958 tom toms
1958 tom tom holders1958 tom tom holders
1958 tom tom list1958 tom toms - text
1958 snare 82The 82 snare drum
deluxe snare drumThe 1150/1151 snare drum
discus snare drum,Discus snare drum
discus double tom Discus snare and double tom
drum bongosThe kit bongos
snares and strainersSnares and strainer
flush base snare standflush base snare stand
calf head listCalf head list

standard spursStandard bass drum spurs
zyn cymbalsZyn cymbals
flash finishesFlash finishes
over 70 countriesSold in over 70 countries...
olympic cuff linksOlympic jewellery