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Olympic drums in the 1960's

Early 60's catalogues were printed in black and white and the same pictures must have been used for quite a long time. The ones listed below show prices in new money (£) which was changed from the pre-decimal (£,s,d) system in 1971 and the catalogue pictures show early 60's badged drums. There were colour photographs used in the 1967 catalogue but 4 years later ones were issued with 10 year old pics... strange. The only thing that can be taken from this is that information can only really be used as a guide as there are to many inconsistencies.

John Kaywood, a former Beverley employee, remembers Chas E. Foote's drum shop in London dealt with the Olympic literature as Premier looked down on its budget range. Cost savings could be made by using old artwork and pictures, so this could explain why old stuff was used for years. This practise seems quite common to almost all drum manufacturers back in the 60's and 70's.

John also mentioned that the Olympic line did sell well and drummers who could not afford a nice new Premier set bought an Olympic. They were popular with shopping catalogues and I suspect a great many were sold at Christmas time. Some kits left the factory without badges to be renamed by other companies. The Rosseti name i linked with this and there are mentions of Rosseti during the 70's with both the Olympic line and Hamma drums which were made by Premier. Hamma drums were badged Rosseti/EMI.

The Red Silk Pearl kit pictured on the Kits page was acquired without badges and the above could maybe explain why. I have now sourced badges for this kit and they have been fitted.

60s kitsKit No. 60 & 62. Early 1960's
60s kits 2Kit No. 64 & 65. Early 1960's
60s snaresEarly 60's snares with the Discus model now 4 inches deep as apposed to being 3.5 inch deep previously. No badge was fitted to this drum as the name was stamped on the hoop.
60s snaresSnares from the 1967 catalogue show the first appearance of the 1005 metal shell drum. Also in the line up were 1001 14x4 8 lug wood and the 1003 14x6.5 8 lug wood shell.

1960s snaresEarly 1960's snare drums with the Discus shown with badge!! Note how the same photos were used from other catalogues to save costs.

zyn cymbals brushes and sticksZyn cymbal, brushes and sticks
tom tomsSingle and double headed Tom Toms - early 1960's
1967 tomsSingle and double headed Tom Toms - 1966 to 1967
1965 olympic catalogue1965 American catalogue page
Europa tom holderThe basic Europa twin tom holder of the early 70's
1927 1299 bass drum anchorBass drum anchor to stop that creeping
1967 floor tom legsFloor tom legs receive a single bend from 1967
1967 olympic drum coversKeep those drums safe in these lovely soft bags.
1960s everyplay extra headsEverplay heads the best in the world, maybe at the time
1967 tom holdersTwo types of tom holder available in the 60's, neither all that strong.
fitted and separate spursFitted and separate spurs. Most drums were supplied with separate spurs but fitted ones could added at no extra cost.
late 60s europa twinLate 1960's Twin Europa
1967 bass drums1967 bass drums available in 18,20,22,and 24x12 inch depth and 20 and 22x14 special order
1960s olympic hi-hat pedal1960's Hi-hat pedal with cast foot plate
bass pedals1960's Bass drum pedals, using the same 1950's model 1284
Starting with the 1967 catalogue, colour photographs were being used. However pages listing single drums, hardware and accessories etc were still in black and white.

It should be noted that Olympic shells were the same as Premier built with birch ply and beechwood reinforcing hoops. Probably shells with knots and slight blemishes would have gone to the Olympic production line. Try and find a budget kit nowadays with birch shells.....Eh..No !

olympic - the bestOlympic. The best drums in the world... Probably

1967 catalogue coverWhy would you want to buy anything else?

66-67 red sparkleOlympic 60 kit.  1966-67.  Shown in Red Sparkle finish
silver sparkle 62Olympic 62 kit.  1966-67.  Shown in Silver Sparkle finish
red silk pearl kit 64Olympic 64 kit.  1966-67.  Shown in Red Silk Pearl finish
blue silk pearl 65Olympic 65 kit. 1966-67. Shown in Blue Silk Pearl finish. This kit could be ordered with either an 18, 20 or 22 inch bass drum and 14 inch floor tom instead of the 16.
60s olympic silver sparkleSilver Sparkle 4 piece which has discoloured to what is sometimes known as Ginger-Ale Sparkle.

This seem to be quite common to old Silver Sparkle from most manufacturers

silver sparkle olympicBelieve this to be same kit as above but photographed at different location
remo 12" pre internationalRemo 12 inch Pre-International product number.

These heads fit Olympic and Premier drums manufactured prior to 1968, pre-International size

162 pre international headRemo 16 inch Pre-International product number.

These heads fit Olympic and Premier drums manufactured prior to 1968, pre-International size