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Olympic drums in the 1970's

The 70's saw new upgraded hardware and a bigger choice of drums and finishes. Approximately around 1976 Olympics were given the more sturdier Premier Lokfast tom holders although some parts were painted black rather than chromed. Some customers in shops at the time thought that these parts were made out of plastic. 1979 saw the last of the Olympic line which was replaced with the Premier Club range.

1970s snares1974 snare drum line up and snare strainers
1974 tom toms1974 Tom tom line up
1974 bongos and pads1974 Bongos and practice pads
1976 1977 fnishesFinishes chart 1976-77
1978 1979 finishesFinishes chart 1978-79
1315 hi-hat1315 Hi-Hat stand foot plate
bass drum t handleBass Drum T handle and claw
70s bass pedalBass drum pedal model 1251
rubber seat stool1245 Model stool with extra comfy rubber seat!!
tom holders 19742 types of tom holders for the early 70's
everplay heads 74Everplay heads as fitted to Olympic drums just the same as Premier drums
1303 snare standThe very basic 1303 snare drum stand
hardware 19741970's hardware selection although the cymbal stand is shown with the older style base
snare stand topSnare stand top embossed with Olympic logo
bass mount cymbal holderBass drum mounted cymbal holder
1974 casesStrong fibre cases of which some are still on the go today
1974 case textCases - text
1976 1388 tom holder1388 single tom holder from 1976 onwards
1976 twin holder 13921392 twin tom holder from 1976 onwards
1970 disappearing bass drum spursEarly 70's disappearing Bass drum spurs
1974 bass drum listThe 1974 bass drum selection. The 18 inch drum is very rare.
mahogany 10331976-77 - 5 piece Model B1033 (22 inch bass) in Mahogany Wrap finish
1005 snare14x5.5 chrome snare model number 1005
single headed olympic4 Piece, single headed, late 70's model 1031
76 77 GSP OlympicFour piece olympic in GSP kit model number 1031. Pic taken from 1976-77 catalogue
yellow oly5 Piece, late 70's model 1033
12x8 mahogany tom12x8 Tom. Mahogany finish. 1976
60 kit pearl blue1973 - Kit 60 for the beginner
kit 60 text1973 - Kit 60 for the beginner - details
62 kit green pearl1973 - Kit 62 for the beginner
kit 60 text1973 - Kit 62 for the beginner - details
1031 blue pearl1973 Europa Single Kit - Model No. 1031 in BSP
europa 11973 Europa Single Kit - Model No. 1031 in BSP - details
red silk pearl 10331973 Europa Twin - Model No. 1033 in RSP
europa twin1973 Europa Twin - Model No. 1033 in RSP - details
1031 white duro1978-79 Four piece in White Duroplastic.    

Kit number 1031

1033 red1978-79 Five piece in Red.  

 Kit number 1033

super olySuper Olympic kit. 1976 with superior hardware and full compliment of lugs.
super oly tomSuper Olympic 13x9 tom in black Duroplastic.
1035 super snareSuper Olympic 1035 snare
super snare standSuper snare stand 7313. This was similar to Beverley hardware.
super hihat blueSuper hi-hat stand 7315 - same as the stand supplied to the USA
super bass pedalSuper Bass pedal 7251 - again similar to pedal supplied to USA