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1930s premier badge1930's style premier badge. Model type was listed in the name bar. Shown with Wonder Finish.

30s olympic badge1937-39 Premier Olympic badge, Thanks to Mike Ellis and "Sir" Alan Buckley for this picture.

olympic badgeLater 1950's badge which was metal foil on cardboard which do not age too well.
old olympic badgeEarly 1950's Brass Badge fitted to all drums except Discus Snare Drums
badgeThis badge was fitted to drums from 1961-69 (approx).
60s olympic badgeOval Silver on Black badge also fitted to drums 1961-69 (approx).
oval badgeCardboard transition badge fitted to drums between 1959 and 1960 approx. Many have seen better days but this one has survived well
olympic badge1969-79 Badge (approx).
super olympic badgeSuper Olympic badge '76-'77
usa black oyster perlClose-up of Oyster finish, showing badge fitted to USA drums.
usa badge closeupClose-up of USA badge, showing the association with Olympic and Premier.
olympic logo1960's bass drum logo.  A smaller logo was fitted to drums pre 1966.
70s bass drum logoOlympic Bass drum logo used on drums in the 1970's.
super bass logoSuper Olympic Bass Drum Logo - 1976.
premier logoPremier catalogue banner
olympic foil badgeMany thanks to Carl Pettman for sending us this picture of an adhesive foil type badge that was on a 60's kit he recently purchased. First time we have ever seen one of these - were these used if there were no metal badges left?
cufflinksPictured here are a pair of Olympic cufflinks in good condition.

These are listed in the catalogues of the 1960's and I doubt there can be many left now!

early discus badgeWhen the first Discus snare drums were launched the shells were only 3.5 inches deep which made it difficult to fit a badge so a rubber stamp (the same as the real badge) was put inside the shell.