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Drum Keys

cymkeyPaiste and Sabian drum keys, and what is believed to be a Banjo key.

special keysDixon 3 way key, Tama "hammer" key for use with Iron Cobra pedals, and a Japanese copy Ludwig multipurpose key.
fibes drum keyRare Fibes drum key in the shape of the company logo.
1615 keyModel number : 1615 slotted drum key.

This is the model number listed in the 60's Olympic catalogues but does not have the Olympic logo stamped on it. Could there be one out there?

sonor flat keySonor slotted drum key
sonor speed keySonor slotted speed drum key
gold plated pearl drum keyGold plated Pearl - Limited edition
gretsch key redGretsch drum key
paiste drum keysTrio of Paiste drum keys
trixon drum keyVery early Trixon. Thanks to
trixon drum keyAnother early Trixon design. Thanks to
trixon drum keyYet another Trixon Drum Key. Yes, thanks to
yamaha drum keyYamaha Drum Key
yamaha drum keysBlack Yamaha Drum Keys
various drum keys2 Yamaha keys, 1 Tama, 2 Pearl, 1 Zildjian, 1 Sonor slotted, 1 Gibraltar and 1 generic no-name key
misc keysThe top three are Premier keys, the left middle one is a Rogers with 2 Ludwig keys and the bottom ones are an Asba and a Maxwin.

Thanks to Tam @ Tams Toms

tweek keyTweek Clip-on drum key. Does anyone know anything about this drum key?

Mike Ellis thinks that this key could be a product of Evans, and the Kilgallon's think this is the Tweek Key is made by Slug Percussion.

sonor keySonor Black Plastic drum key
premier and dw keysPremier & DW drum keys.  The Premier key has additional slot key
john grey and remo drum keysJohn Grey (Made in England) slotted key - 1960's, and Remo drum key
ratchet keyLudwig ratchet drum key
drum keysThese various weird keys are made by Hard Wear Inc.
Both are distributed by Big Bang Distribution  (
Thanks to The Kilgallon's