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Finishes that were available in the 1930's, 40's and 50's are still relatively unknown.  The 30's would appear to have only 2 finishes available in either Ebony or Ivory lacquer. The 40's - '???'. In the early 1950's, rationing was still in force after the war, so probably White Duroplastic was the only colour available. However mentions of White Marine Pearl crop up now and then. 

By the early 60's, Silk Pearls were starting to make an appearance although these were a slightly more expensive option to White Duroplastic.

finishes 1966 - 1967Finishes chart for 1966-1967. Red Silk Pearl and Red Sparkle look brown but I think the colours in the catalogue have may have faded over the years.
late 1960s finishesLate 1960's colour chart shows additions - GSP, BP & Sparkling Blue.
1973 finishes 1 1973 finishes 2 1973 finishes 3

By 1973, when this chart was printed, BS & SBS were deleted and Lavender Sparkle and Silver Sparkle appeared.

Also making it's first appearance was Mahogany

1974 finishesIn 1974, the chart remained the same with only Lavender Sparkle being discontinued. Tam Rankin has informed me that Aqua Marine Sparkle was also a limited option on this colour chart.
1976 - 1977 finishesThe 1976-1977 colour chart shows a nice wide selection of finishes. A new addition of Royal Purple appears which had previously been used on Premier drums.
1978 - 1979 finishesThe last Olympic chart from 1978-1979 shows a rather depleted choice with mainly solid colours. Probably Sparkles and Pearls were now thought to be old fashioned. How things have changed...

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure dates are correct some are however approximate. The following list does not cover finishes that were available in the United States.


Code Year
Ivory Lacquer W 1937-39  1948-58
Ebony Lacquer B 1937-39  1951-53
White Duroplastic W 1958-1979
Black Duroplastic B 1969-1979
Yellow Duroplastic YO 1978-1979
White Marine Pearl P 1958-1961
Black Diamond Pearl K or KO 1969-1979
Blue Silk Pearl L or LO 1962-1979
Green Silk Pearl N or NO 1966-1977
Grey Silk Pearl T or TO 1969-1977
Red Silk Pearl S or SO 1961-1977
White Silk Pearl P or PO 1961-1977
Sparkling Blue A 1969-1972
Sparkling Gold G or GO 1967-1977
Sparkling Lavender CO 1973
Sparkling Red R or RO 1961-1977
Sparkling Silver-Blue C 1961-1972
Sparkling Silver C or CE 1958-61  1973-77
Mahogany M 1973-1979
Military Blue Q 1976-1979
Military Red J 1976-1979
Polychromatic Royal Purple PL 1976-1977