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Your kits

We welcome photos and details of your vintage Olympic drum kits, so send photos to us via our contact page, or post them on our Facebook page.

Douglas Essery from Canada sent us details of his Olympic kit. He says: "Insert photo is how the set came to me, looks lots better than it was. Pretty complete, and sound, I wouldn't say abused, but severely neglected. I decided to do bit of restoration starting with the toms. After stripping everything off I lightly sanded the interior surfaces and applied a light coat of sealer. When that was completely dry I applied a coat of paste wax. Luckily the chrome on most of the lugs was pretty good and shined up nice, the lug retainers and metal on the dampers had corroded and had to be wire wheeled off. I straightened the lug retainers and decided to give them a coat of flat black paint.

When re-assembling I also added a chrome flat washer. All black die cast metal bracket/clamps were repainted gloss black. The chrome hoops on both upper toms cleaned up to brand new status but the hoops on the floor tom were corroded so bad they needed replacing. I'll put new Remo resonators on these but just may use the original batter heads. Next up the bass drum."

Luke - blue silkluke oly 2Luke Underwood sent us these great photos of his Blue Silk Olympic - 12" tom, 14" and 16" floor toms, and 22" bass drum, plus matching snare.

yellow olyAn Ebay auction from a while back and this very tidy Yellow 1033 set is the same as the the picture used in the 1977-78 Premier catalogue. you can see it on the 70's page of the site. A very tidy example which has been very well looked after over the years.

white olyA recent Ebay auction showed this White Duroplastic set which has the rarer 8 lug bass drum and the floor tom has the Black leg mounts. Possibly a set made during the 1976 change over or they were changed by a previous owner however a few sets have surfaced with a mix of mounted hardware. This one looks good with period stands if not a little plain in White.

bsp europaNice example of a Blue Silk Pearl Single Europa set with the rare matching snare. This picture was taken from an Ebay auction and it would seem Blue Silk has appeared a lot more recently with sets coming up for sale regularly with good examples commanding excellent prices.

jellybean 1jellybean 2Jeremy Sells from the USA has sent pictures of his "Jellybean" set this sure is the first time I have seen an Olympic version.

All the drums were bought as orphans on Ebay to build up the kit. The floor tom is a re-wrap but it is a very good match to the original Blue Silk Pearl. It sure would be a talking point at a gig!

aqua sparkleMany thanks to Martin Kopperud from Norway for sending a picture of his lovely Olympic set in Aquamarine Sparkle which also has a matching snare, this is one of the rarer finishes but it does look good. Martin regularly gigs the set with his band and back in the 80's it was actually played one night by DJ Fontana who was Elvis's drummer.

oly swingMany thanks to Charles Laine from the USA who has forwarded a picture of his excellent restoration of a late 1950's set in White Marine Pearl complete with Blue/Silver foil badges. This set has a 22x12 Bass drum which although available at the time was quite rare as most kits came with 20 inch bass drums. Charles searched for a matching floor tom without success and came up with a superb alternative, a 14x12 marching snare which matches the other drums really well, a 1950's "fusion" set we could say.

Since the photograph was taken the correct hardware has been sourced and Charles says the kit is an absolute joy to play. A worthy addition the the Kits page, thanks again.

oly 4 drumsKind thanks to Walter McKechnie for sending a pic of his Olympic set which he has owned from new. He was given the snare drum for Christmas in 1960 which is a model 82 in White Marine Pearl and the following year came along the kit in White Silk Pearl and it is still used today after 47 years. I wonder how many budget drum sets bought these days will still be on the go in 47 years...I think we know the answer!! Thanks again Walter for getting touch and sharing your much loved set.

carl p 1carl p 2Here is another excellent restoration by Carl Pettman who has brought this superb Europa 1 set back to its former glory, finished in Grey Silk Pearl the sizes are 20,12,14 and a good old 1005 snare. If you look at the second photograph you will see a young Carl back in the 70's playing an Olympic kit in the same finish....possibly reliving ones youth Carl!?

polygoldAn amazing example of a Super Olympic set in Polychromatic Gold from the collection of the Drum Museum of Hungary The snare drum from this kit can be seen on the snare drum page. It looks as if this set has just left the factory this year and not 30 years ago!

philgiddingsHere we have some nice old Olympic Red Sparkle drums with the 59-60 transition badge being used at a rehearsal. The drums belong to Phil Giddings and Phil says they do the job perfectly. It is good to see the old drums being played after all that is what they were built for. Thanks for the pic Phil.

andy youellHere is a rare Olympic set, not rare enough for the rarities page as another one has been seen but still not very common. It is a model 65 set in Green Silk Pearl and dates from the second half of the 1960's. Owner Andy Youell bought the kit from Ebay and gave it a good clean up it was then displayed and photographed at the 2007 National Drum Fair in Birmingham.

Andy says the kit sounds very good with a fresh set of batter heads although the bass drum spurs are rather flimsy making it a little unstable. The Bass drum front head is from the 1970's but apart from that it is one very tasty looking set. This kit is now part of the display at the Premier museum after Andy very kindly granted a long term loan of the set.

adam oly 1adam oly 2Thanks to Adam from Hungary for sending pictures of his recent restoration of this part Olympic set. Underneath the home made black covering he found the original gleaming Gold Sparkle still in superb condition. Many parts of the hardware were incorrect however he has made the set playable. Pity the kit is missing the floor tom but you never know one might turn up some time. Thanks for the pics Adam and enjoy your Olympic drums.

black olyMany thanks to Ian Parker for sending us a pic of his superb late 70's B1033 set in Black Duroplastic. The kit is pictured with a Super Olympic snare as Ian is awaiting the arrival of the correct 1005 snare. The condition of this drum set is amazing and looks as if it left the factory this year and not nearly 30 years ago!

gold sparkle 1gold sparkle 2Here is a superb Gold Sparkle set belonging to Mitch Deighton and does it look good or what! Mitch bought the kit off Ebay and has done an excellent job in restoring it, must be one of the few Sparkle kits that didn't suffer the common fading and spotting. Thanks for sharing the set Mitch, well done.

simon oly 3simon oly 2Many thanks to Simon Grenfell for sharing his superb late 50's Silver Sparkle set which is unusual with double headed toms most kits of this era were single headed. This kit has the Blue/Silver foil badges and a nice matching snare. Simon has also just added the correct model 1284 bass drum pedal. Note also the sticker inside the bass drum showing it is a standard 20 inch shell, USA Size

gold 60sA 1960's pic sourced from the States showing an early kit No. 66 in Gold Sparkle finish. Still looks in good condition and with a quick clean it would be sparkling.

europa twinShown here is a Twin Europa kit from the early 70's in a strange marble type covering. This was never used on Olympic drums and definitely looks like sticky back plastic or Fablon. A homemade recover job which is not to bad. Snare is a Premier Hi-Fi.

gspHere is a six piece 1970's kit in grey silk pearl finish. This kit started life as a 4 piece 22,12,16 and 1005 14 inch chrome snare.The 12 and 16 have the "International Size" stamp inside the shells so I think they were early 70's. The 13x8 and 14 floor toms were added later with only the 13 having a slightly different finish.

Someone had fitted a Premier Lokfast twin tom holder to take both rack toms and moved the original single bracket forward. Note the Olympic Bass Drum anchor and chrome cowbell. This kit has an excellent sounding kick drum.

dmc red olyoly kit 2A very early 60's Red Silk Pearl Olympic kit in great condition. Sizes are 20x12, 12x8, and a 16 floor tom with the 12 and 16 being metric or "Pre-International Size" The kit was bought with the Premier logo head as finding Olympic logo heads is not easy.

The second photo is the same kit with badges fitted and correct logo head and all clean and shiny.

oly oly bass drumThanks to Cy from Australia for this pic of his old Olympic Bass Drum we are still trying to date this one but suggest 50's.

drumsFound this USA pic on the net of a rather sorry looking Bass drum and Tom in White Silk Pearl.Consolette Tom holder must have been fitted later not unless American kits were fitted with this holder. Looks like it could do with some serious restoration work!!

oly1oly2Manfred Linden from Germany has sent these pics of a Europa twin kit shown in Polychromatic Silver which was not available in the UK.

The kit has the 70's badge but the snare and footpedals are 60's models. Thanks to Linden for sharing his pics with us.

oly 20Many thanks to Ewald Broichhausen from Belgium for this pic of an early 70's kit in Blue Silk Pearl finish. It would appear that this kit started out as a four piece, note the position of the Bass drum mounted cymbal holder. Possibly when the 13 inch Tom was added the chrome finish Premier Lokfast twin Tom holder was fitted, as Olympic holders of this type fitted from 1976 onwards had black base plates and holders.

The Bass drum spurs are also the type fitted pre 76. The sizes of this kit are 20-12-13-16. Snare drum is unknown.