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Marching drums

40s parade 691948 Olympic side drum - Model No.69

marching snares1960's Marching Snare Drums, model No. 1047  14x10.  Model No. 1049  14x12.

Wire internal snares and thow-off to order.

67 tenor drums1967 Tenor Drums.  Model No. 1072, 16x12 and Model No. 1074, 18x12 as pictured and also available - Model No. 1073, 18x12 with hoops inlaid to match shell

67 bass drum967 Bass Drum. Model No. 1077.  28x12, other sizes available - 26x12 and 24x12. 

Hoops were in red, white and blue or could be ordered with matching inlaid counter-hoops.

miliraty rope drumsRope tension drums available during the mid 60's.

rope drum listThe line up of your choice of rope tension drums.

rope tension bass drumBass drums were also available in rope tension format.

olympic bugle and trumpetBugles and trumpets were offered along with military drums.

bass and tenorMarching Bass, Tenor and Snare drums. 1976-77. 

Have a look in the Mysteries page for info about this unusual snare drum.

66-67 military finishes1966-67 Finishes for Military Drums

76-77 finishesOlympic Marching Drum Finishes.  1976-77

78079 mlitary finishesOlympic Marching Drum Finishes.  1978-79