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bsp genistaThis is a strange one, pictured is a Premier Genista snare in Blue Silk Pearl finish. Genista was introduced in the 1990's whilst Blue Silk Pearl finish was last mentioned in the last Olympic catalogue in 1979. I would love to know the story of how this drum came about.........please tell us!!

rsp premThanks to Dom "Syd" O'Leary for this pic of his Dad Aidan O'Leary's Red Silk Pearl Premier kit. Strangely this finish was an Olympic colour and not one used on Premier kits, unless you know different.

Sadly this kit was destroyed in a fire but at least we have the pic to prove it existed.

white snarewhite snareMid 70's six lug wood shell snare in White Duroplastic, this drum has either S8 or 8S stamped into the reinforcing hoop at the point where the butt plate is. Strangely no one knows what this means. Do you?

This drum was found in 2000, still with the original heads and snare wires and is in mint condition.

strangeStrangely this late 70's poster catalogue shows the address for Rosetti (EMI) Ltd and not Premier.

Possibly Rosetti distributed Olympic in the latter stages as they had already supplied their own Hamma drums which were made by Premier during the 70's.

super bass pedalsuper hihatThe 1977 catalogue shows the first appearance of the Super Olympic.

Strangely Pictures show the Hi-Hat stand with the blue "P" badge but the Bass pedal with the red "P" badge. These pedals were the same as the USA 6000 series kits.

1002 sbtThe 1978-79 poster catalogue shows this Aquamarine Sparkle snare in the Marching section.

This finish was available in the USA and only available here in limited quantities in 1974. Strangely it appears in a photograph 5 years later!! Yet another Vintage Drum mystery