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Snare drums

1047 green pearl snareThere have been a fair few of these marching snares around over recent years but this one a model 1047 is in Green Silk Pearl not the first to be seen but sure does look good and unusual.

snare Superb example of a 1035 Super Olympic snare drum courtesy of the Drum Museum of Hungary this is part of a Super Olympic set which can be seen on the Kits page. The drum museum website is well worth a visit.
1005 snareSuperb looking late 60's metal shell 1005 snare, not many left in a condition like this. Most of these drums were Chrome over Brass shells so they do sound superb.
bdp snareQuite a rare 70's snare (maybe not rare enough for the new rarities page) in Black Diamond Pearl finish. This one is a 1002 8 lug 14x5.5 snare, and sure would look good behind a BDP kit.
1045 snareHere's a rare one - it's a 1970's 12x8 Junior Parade Drum in White Duroplastic model number 1045. First one I've seen - note the strange butt plate idea keeping in mind these were 5 lug drums.

(thanks to Ebay seller for permission to use photographs)

60s sparkleOriginal 60's 1182 with Olympic tag shown in a Lavender Sparkle finish. Lavender was only listed during the 70's so whether this Sparkling Silver Blue which is faded I'm not sure but it does look good.

1151P snareMany thanks to Charles Laine for this picture of his near mint example of a 1959-60 WMP 8 lug model 1151 P snare drum. Note the brightness of the wrap, the double flange hoops and the cardboard transition badge. Charles has noted that 1002 is written in pencil inside the drum so this probably could be one of the very last 1151's before production moved on to the 1002 model.

1002 rsp snareA Red Silk Pearl snare drum model 1002 found after searching for a year so my kit is now complete.
silver sparkle snare 50Very rare late 50's 6 lug No. 82 snare in Silver sparkle finish.

This drum shows the cardboard oval shape badge which would appear to be used during the late 50's to early 60's. This drum is in near mint condition.

gold sparkle 1182Nice 1960's 1182 snare in vibrant Gold Sparkle. These finishes tend not to age well but this one has been looked after.
wsp 1002Very neat and tidy 1002 finished in an unfaded White Silk Pearl. Lovely example.