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The following people and companies have all helped with valuable information which has made this site possible:

Thanks to Colin Tennant of Premier Percussion for allowing the use of all literature.

Thanks go to Barry Knapper for passing on some useful catalogues and literature which has been put to good use.

Many thanks to Ken Ellender for spending much of his valuable time photocopying his vast collection of old catalogues. Ken's kind help has resulted in healthier looking pages for the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's.

My good friend Tam Rankin for his endless help and allowing me to use his extensive collection of catalogues, brochures and photographs and also for putting the idea in my head in the first place. You can visit Tam's excellent Vintage Premier site by clicking his link on the link page. If you email him with a question be sure to ask about the "Mixed Grill" He will explain all!

Dave Seville from the Old Drummers Club an Excellent vintage drum newsletter which is published every two months. Well worth joining giving access to a wealth of information some of which has been used in this site. The newsletter also gives many a contact to a loads of other Old Drummers. Dave's Email address is on the links page.

Cyril Moonen or Cy for short, for his great pics of old Olympic drums from downunder in sunny Australia and also for pics of his lovely early 60's Premier kit in WMP look in the Kits page.

My brother Alistair McCready (AML) for building the original site

Simon Dring for designing, building and hosting this new site

Mike Ellis for his help in sourcing old Olympic bits and pieces which have been put to great use and photos of some of his vintage kits.